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We are glad to see that you want to advertise on our website and we are confident that doing so will have a good impact on your business or product.

SmartHome-HomeTech… in just a few words
We have been showcasing high-quality Reviews on Smart Home, Home Automation and Tech related products since over 2 years. Since then, traffic and credibility increased every day. We are getting over 4.000 New real Fans and Followers every single month now. With a Follower and Fanbase of over 46.000 on our various Social Media Accounts and our Newsletter reach, you will get a good exposure to many eyeballs for your Company or Product.

According to Onalytica we are among the TOP 100 INFLUENCERS in the Smart Home & Tech (Gadgets) niche.
(actual position 26)

Advertising Opportunities

We are currently allowing this advertising option:

Sidebar banner – 200$ per month (with a plus for you):
Your Banner will be shown on every Review- plus Post- plus Gadget-Page and in the Sidebar of all our special Guides. (Review Example)
Bonus (from time to time): If we believe in your Company or product we can create a tweet-series for you to give you more exposure.

Featured Review – $200 per 2 weeks! (incl. 6 tweets/posts to 45.000 Fans):
We make a real, 100% honest review on your product. If it is good and beneficial for our customers/audience, we will place your product and review beneath the “Latest Reviews” section as a Big Banner with text directly on our homepage. We will tweet the review 3 times per week (for 2 weeks) to give you maximum exposure. Recommended if you really want to get a lot of eyeballs to your product and/or brand!


Additional Big Chance: If we think your product will benefit our customers, we also can do a full, in depth review of your product. This will stay permanently (forever) on our website and be promoted regularly.


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Looking forward to our exchange and working with you.